March 2014!

Event Description

Come and meet the re-knowned masters in Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu and Fengshui Experts, Signature Analysis, Aura Photography & Imaging, Angel Card Reading, Palm and Face Readers, Numerologists,Past life Regression, Crystal and Gem stone suppliers, All types of Reiki Healers and Alternative Therapists, Information on natural, holistic and alternative well being products and modalities, the latest in Natural Health and Healing and in-depth Workshops and Seminars & Many many more.....

Event Headlines

  • Date:22ND-24TH MARCH'2014 (FRI-SUN)
  • Venue:HALL NO-2 , B. E. C. (NESCO)
  • Chief Guest: Shri. Devbappa Mahant Mauli   Farshiwale Baba (World Famous)



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