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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Who We Are?

ASTROOWORLD(TM) is most respected holistic and wellness, New Thought, conscious living event. It attracts men and women from middle to upper household incomes between the ages of 20 and 50, who are genuinely Interested in Wellbeing products and services.

ASTROOWORLD(TM) – Spiritual & Wellness Exhibitions started in the year 2013 following a message from the Universe that I received after meditating with my angel cards. Something disturbed my sleep and I woke far too early a day or so later – it was as if a light came on. The voice inside my head told me to run a show – and there it was!! I discussed the same with my mentor and decided to host my first show ASTROOWORLD 2013 at Bombay Exhibition Centre on 22nd – 23rd March'13 and was immediately welcomed by 45 exhibitors and 9000 visitors, "IT WAS A WONDERFUL DAY."

We are now in our 3rd year and have successfully completed 6 shows of Astrooworld Exhibitions and launched our first Astrooworld Awards on 30th Nov'15. There are 5-6 shows this year in 4 different venues and we have grown as INDIA'S BIGGEST SPIRITUAL & WELLNESS Related Exhibition Organisers across the country. We are very Proud!!

ASTROOWORLD still continues to be so popular as It doesn't stop the visitors coming!!

ASTROOWORLD(TM) sells out almost as soon as the dates are launched – you may be able to grab an occasional late stand, if available. The ambience at our venues are so good that people like to stay for hours, it's a wonderful show. Never mind, it means it's crammed full day and everyone loves it.

Each year thousands of visitors attend from across the country, and beyond, for an unforgettable weekend of sharing,personal growth as well as making new contacts and friends with positively focused individuals.

The venue Bombay Exhibition Centre is located on the Western Express Highway and is so accessible to the Local and Business Class visitors, and has hundreds of parking space for cars. But, of course, there's lots more to be done and lots of areas still in need of such Exhibitions so we are always on the look out for a new venue. They are hard to find and ideas are always welcome.


"To be the world's leading organizer for Spiritual and Wellness related Exhibitions."


Our Core Values Define who we are. We live up to our simple yet extremely challenging mission by operating each day within the context of the following core values:

  • A commitment to Innovation and Excellence. With a "I CAN, I WILL" Attitude.
  • Passion – Demonstrate commitment to each other, our work, the company and our clients. Take pride in and be loyal to and enthusiastic about VSD, our clients and their brands.
  • Accountability- We take complete accountability of our actions and words. We keep our word.
  • INTEGRITY and Respect for All
  • Relationship Building – We strive to connect with respect,trust and bring out the best in everyone. Be honest, objective and Supportive.
  • Sense of Urgency – Work as everything is time sensitive because it is.Be pro-active and take initiative. Anticipate needs and respond promptly. Work swiftly accurately and efficiently to meet or beat deadlines.

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